How to get rid of gas pains

Individuals suffer from gas pain when they consume either too much food or allow much air to pass in their stomach. Gas pain can also develop on consuming too much of aerated drinks or keeping the stomach empty for long periods of time. Whatever may be the reason for the development of these pains, individuals have to suffer a lot when the pain develops. Knowledge of how to get rid of gas pains therefore will help individuals if they face such a situation.

Methods to get rid of gas pains
Heat some water in a pan. The water should be heated up to that level which you can feel you can consume it comfortably. One spoon of fenugreek seed should be chewed by the individual and then drink them down with the hot water. This helps in relieving the individual from gas pain and flatulence.

Sipping a glass of hot water can also help a lot in getting rid from gas pains. Consuming a glass of hot water will facilitate bowel movement and help to give you relief from the gas that has formed in your stomach.
Garlic also has medicinal qualities and is immensely helpful in treating digestive problems. It also helps in treating gas problems. Two cloves of garlic should be fried in a tablespoon of butter first. The frying of the garlic should be continued until it turns brown in color. The individual should then chew the roasted garlic to get relief from the excruciating gas pain.

For individuals who are suffering from gas pain, walking briskly can help them immensely. This aids in the dissipation of gas and reduces the pain. gas pains
Spot running has also been found to be very effective in gas pain. Dissipation of the gas by spot running helps an individual to get instant relief from the pain. This also helps in improving the blood circulation of your body.

Adding ginger or chamomile to a glass of warm water or tea and drinking it will help an individual to get instant relief from the gas pain. This should be taken ideally after meals.

Peppermint extract can be poured in glass of warm water or tea and then can be drunk by an individual suffering from gas pain. Doctors have recently found that this relaxes the intestines and helps the gas to come out easily. Thereby it relieves you from the pains of gas formation.

A hot water bottle or a warm compress can be applied to the stomach when it experiences gas pains. This allows the stomach muscles to expand and ease the pain in your stomach. This will help in releasing the trapped gas which may be the reason for the gas pains in your stomach.
Yoga can also be performed by individuals suffering from gas pains. Yoga calms and soothes the minds of individuals. Therefore this calming effect will also help in getting relief from gas pains.

There are various ways on how to get rid of gas pains. Depending on individual choices and preferences, the methods of dealing with gas pains will be chosen.

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